Getting Started

New to Zeal or looking for some assistance. Checkout our 'Getting Started.' 


Who is Zeal for?

Disclaimer! Zeal is not for everyone: Zeal is not your typical "Success" or "Goal Setting" App. We prefer to be called an achievement app. 

Zeal is for people who want more from their life and are committed to getting there! Zeal is great for people who want to accomplish meaningful goals and are looking for assistance and structure to assist them in getting there. Zeal is also great for success conscious people who want a streamlined place to store their vision, goals, empowering images and affirmations in one place. 


Who Zeal is not for? 

Zeal is not for people who are looking for the next "new" thing that will solve their problems for them. 

Zeal is not for people who want an app to help them brush their teeth everyday! 


How are we different from other 'similar' apps?

Apps like and Strides are great and can be used in conjunction with Zeal. 

Zeal is different in that we focus on assisting our users in achieving the truly meaningful goals they have. Zeal will assist you in getting connected with what you really want, create the plan for how to get there with effective goals and finally help you stay inspired along the way.  


How to get the most from Zeal?

Note: Zeal is not a magic solution! You will get out of it what you put into it. 

Zeal is most effective when the entire app is applied together. Start by reviewing the completed Vision Statement, Goals and Inspiration Board daily or weekly to keep your mind focused on what your desires. This commitment is crucial to keep your conscious and sub-conscious mind fixated on your goals, develop the necessary winning beliefs with affirmations and tune your mind into the necessary people, recourses, and opportunities needed to achieve your desires. This may sound like a lot of work, however it only requires 10-20 minutes a day/or week. A small price to pay to achieve your goals and dreams. 


Is my data safe/private?

YES! All your data is safe. We do not sell your data to third party companies or advertisers. 


How do I reset the app? 

You can reset the app by going to the setting section and clicking 'Reset'. If you only want to reset the Vision Statement you can do this in the same way buy click 'Reset Vision Statement'.