Getting Started

Zeal is the simplest way to stay focused and committed to your biggest dreams and goals. Zeal helps you by getting you connected with your deepest dreams and desires; assists you achieve them by creating the path with effective goals and keeps you motivated and inspired with an inspiration board. 

When the entire app is completed and used daily your ability to accomplish your dreams and goals will increase immensely.

Vision Statement 

Zeal starts with the vision statement. The purpose of this exercise is to get you connected to what you truly want from your life. Too often we get caught up in our typical day-to-day grind that we never really think: “Am I doing what I truly want to be doing?” OR “Will what I am doing today lead me to where I want to be?” If we do not define in clear and compelling detail what we truly want then chances are we will never get it! 

Creating your personal Vision Statement is a great way to define what your ideal life looks like. We start with a broad picture of your ideal life in the following areas: Craft, Rewards, Lifestyle, Relationships, Health, Trophies and Karma.


Next, select the one area from above that is most important to you. Perhaps Craft (career) is most important to you right now. Its important to start with one focus in this case it would be your Craft goal. We want you to start by thinking big, so begin with a description of what this goal looks like in 10-20 years. We call this your "big end result goal." From there we will work backwards creating the major goals you'll need to pass along the way. Finally, add action steps to each goal to ensure you are staying proactive and completing these goals.

Setting effective goals is an incredibly powerful process that will greatly improve your ability to achieve your desires. It is not enough just to write down your goals. To get the most out of goal setting you must ensure they are:

  • Specific: Vague goals produce vague results!  “I want a raise” is way too general to produce meaningful results. 
  • Measurable: What you can measure you can improve upon.

  • Deadline: A “due date” or a “by when” provides urgency which is critical to goal achievement.  

  • Compelling: Meaningful goals will keep you motivated and ensure that you follow through. A goal that is a small incremental improvement will not! This is one of the biggest reasons people don’t follow through, they are not compelled to put in the effort.

  • Actionable: Adding action steps to your goals is critical to starting and gaining momentum for goal achievement.  

  • Visible: Keeping your goals visible will ensure that you do not forget them or get side tracked.  Review your goals every day or week to ensure your mind is focused on them.  

“I will increase my businesses online sales by 10% by October 1st 2015.”

“I will weight 185 lbs by October 1st 2015.”

Review your goals each day to produce the best results. By reviewing your goals you are firmly holding your intentions in your conscious and subconscious mind. Doing this will keep you motivated, inspire you to keep taking action and attract the resources necessary to accomplishing your goals.  

Inspiration Board 

Finally, use the inspiration board to keep yourself motivated and inspired. Many people give up or worse don't even attempt their dreams because of fear of failure and obstacles. The inspiration board will help develop a winning mindset so that setbacks and self-doubt don't kill your dream. Fill your inspiration board with inspiring quotes, motivating images and empowering statements (known as affirmations).


Include picture related to your ideal life. Add images from the internet or take your own! Make this a fun and personal place. Enhance your ability to accomplish your goals by visualizing yourself in attainment of them. This is a powerful technique used by professional athletes and high achieving individuals in all professions.   


Add affirmations to your board to affirm the person you want to become and the goals you want to achieve.  Find affirmations online or create your own.


Add quotes to your board that inspire you and keep you motivated. Finding or writing moving statements, especially from people you admire and want to be like, will remind you how you want to live.